Mandolin Repair

DSC_0536       I fell in love with mandolins in my early teens and have been playing, tweeking and building them for quite some time now.  If a mandolin is built correctly it can be quite powerful, sweet, woody and beautiful.  Even though you can’t turn an average mandolin into a signature Loar, you can optimize it’s playability and make it feel like a high end vintage piece in most cases.

knowing how to get the frets, nut, bridge and strings to play nice together is a science and an art all rolled up into one.  You have to have these skills in order to make a mandolin play as well as it can whether it costs $200 or $200K.

Enjoy these articles on Mandolin Repair

Scooping a Mandolin Tongue Extension

Inlaying a Mandolin Headstock from Start to Finish

Binding a Mandolin Headstock on a new mandolin build

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