Meet a Banjo Owned and Played by Earl Scruggs

This is “Ruben”, a banjo that was owned and played by Earl Scruggs. I am deeply honored to have been chosen to do the work on it, and the owner drove 1,000 miles to bring it to my shop. Earl Scruggs played this banjo a lot with the Earl Scruggs Review and the banjo was built by Jim Faulkner during 1970-1971. If it weren’t for Earl Scruggs I wouldn’t be working in a banjo repair shop! This is a rare piece of history, and to get to visit with it over the past few days was nothing short of humbling.

Here is a video of my playing this historic banjo after the repairs. Be sure to scroll below the video to view some high definition photographs of this banjo.

Click on the photos below for a full, high definition view of each of them, and thank you for your visit!