Luthier Price Guide

Guitar, Banjo and Mandolin Repair Shop price guide

This price guide is meant only as a general guide to give you the cost of the most common repairs in a typical setting.

 I must see your instrument in person in order to give you an estimate that is accurate. There are lots of variables involved in repair work, so expect some things to be priced by quote only.

This is the work I do this for a living so please consider that if you are tempted to call the shop to ask for repair advice.  Unless I have your instrument in my shop I can’t advise, so please be considerate.

Thank you.

Banjo Repair
Banjo Setup, Complete/ head adjustment, truss rod, coordinator rod adjustment, Nut action corrected, string change (strings not included) ***on average*** $60.00
Change Banjo Head Mylar, (most) plus cost of head $65.00
Change Banjo Head, Real Skin (most) plus cost of head $95.00
Banjo Nut, bone $55.00
5th string spikes, each (includes the spike/s) $10.00
Banjo Neck Reset: Remove the banjo neck, remove lags, re-angle the neck, reinstall, string and setup banjo. $155.00
Partial Refret, with binding (per fret) Plus $35.00 for the first fret $50.00 plus $22.00 per fret
Complete Refret, without binding $265.00
Complete Refret, with binding $285.00
Partial Refret, without binding (per fret) Plus $25.00 for the first fret $40.00 plus $20.00 per fret
Repair Broken Headstock (depends on the severity) $150.00 to $350.00 by quote
Heel re-cut, (more room for head adjustment) 95.00
Restring, (plus cost of strings) $20.00
Change all machine heads (old tuners are taken at the time of exchange) Tuners not included in this price $35.00
Replace friction 5th tuner with Geared, plus cost of tuner $50.00
Nut, bone. Includes the material cost and good for 4, 5 or 6 string instruments only. $45.00
Mandolin or 12-string guitar $60.00
Saddle, bone, uncompensated $40.00
Saddle, bone, Compensated $65.00
Fret Dress, level, crown and polish (no frets get replaces during this procedure) $150.00
Re-glue loose brace, each (on average) $50.00
Neck Reset, Martin guitar ***NO LONGER TAKING THESE IN*** $325.00
Neck Reset, Gibson guitar ***NO LONGER TAKING THESE IN*** $375.00
Guitar Bridge and saddle, build and install (includes all material and saddle) Brazilian Rosewood, when available, add $70.00 $225.00
Replace Bridge plate ***NO LONGER TAKING THESE IN*** $325.00
Re-glue lifting guitar bridge, (remove, clean and re-install) price may vary ***NO LONGER TAKING THESE IN*** $110.00
Shave guitar bridge, to lower action at saddle (I will not perform this procedure on a domestic guitar like a Gibson or a Martin) ***NO LONGER TAKING THESE IN*** $50.00
Install Acoustic Pickup, plus the cost of the pickup $100.00
Mandolin Repair
Re-glue loose brace, each $75.00
Mandolin Nut, bone $55.00
Re-shape tone bars, (mandolin only) gives more volume and a better sounding mandolin. ***NO LONGER TAKING THESE IN*** $175.00
Restring, (plus cost of strings) ***NO LONGER TAKING THESE IN*** $30.00
Mandolin Bridge Seat and fit to top of mandolin, does not include bridge $65.00
Add Wedge Under Fingerboard: This allows a higher bridge or lower action on a mandolin often resulting in a louder instrument.  (Not recommended for some imports) ***NO LONGER TAKING THESE IN*** $300.00

We No Longer Take In major repair work unless it is a banjo

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