The Dotson Banjo Bridge Ruler

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The Dotson Banjo Bridge Ruler has the 6 most common bridge heights laid out for you from 1/2″ all the way through 3/4″ as well as helping you to instantly identify standard or Crowe string spacing! This one simple ruler will identify the measurements of 99% of all 5-String banjo bridges ever manufactured! You can even tell if you are using a bridge that isn’t quite a standard size or spacing… there are a LOT of them out there!

If you are buying a banjo or running a professional setup shop, this tool will become a vital part of your everyday life. My apprentice, Will, and I have one of them at each of our work stations, and we use them every day! The Dotson Banjo Bridge Ruler is a marked improvement over the hard-to-read, standard ruler for measuring Banjo Bridges, on or off the instrument!

The height of the bridge can easily be measured even while the banjo has strings on it! Simply slip the slot down over over the 3rd string on the back side of the bridge and note which line comes to or closest to the top of the bridge.

You are now ready to see which line is on, or closest to, the top of the banjo bridge. The height of the bridge corresponds with that line’s number in the key above. 1 through 6… it’s that easy! These Dotson Banjo Bridge Ruler will change the way you look at banjo bridges and they will certainly make it much easier to measure a banjo bridge. Take a look at how this ruler easily measures string spacing…

Notice the notch and the offset in the picture above? That allows you to rest the notch on the first string to serve as the “zero”, or starting point, helping to insure accuracy when measuring string spacing!

As seen in the above right photograph, this banjo bridge has a standard string spacing indicated by the strings lining up with the lines attached to the diamond shapes. Had it matched up with the lines attached to the circles, this banjo bridge would have Crowe string spacing. It’s really that simple!

And it’s just as easy to measure a banjo bridge that isn’t on a banjo by positioning it likewise, as demonstrated above. All you need is a flat surface on which to work and align the slot with the 3rd string notch in the bridge to measure height and position the 1st string “zero” notch above the first string notch in the bridge and you’re quickly and accurately measuring a banjo bridge! The above banjo bridge measures 3/4″ tall and has a Crowe string spacing. Easy!

Measuring a radiused bridge? The top center (at the 3rd string) is the same place they get measured and the string spacing is just as easy!

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