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Richie Dotson
Acoustic Box LLC
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Hopewell, VA 23860
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Thank you for visiting!  Here you will still find a lot of how-to information and articles on building and repairing guitars, banjos, mandolins and many other musical instruments.  I am a full-time Luthier located in Hopewell, Virginia, about 30 minutes south of downtown Richmond, Virginia. 

If you are a former or current customer of mine, please click the map, click “write a review” link and write a review for me on Google. Thank you!

Please visit often as I will always be adding content.  Also, please check out my Facebook pages as well.  There are a LOT of photographs of both simple and complicated repair work there.

My hours vary and Instruments are dropped off and picked up by appointment only.  If you call the shop and I am not able to answer, please leave a message and I’ll get back to you.

For work quotes, I need to see the instrument in person in order to be as accurate as possible.  If shipping your instrument is the only option I will do my best to get you close.  I will still need to have the instrument in front of me in order to give you as accurate a quote as possible.

On occasion, especially where vintage instruments are concerned, surprises are not only possible, they are expected. For that reason I may need to leave a quote open.

Clicking on the address will take you to Google Maps.

Will, my apprentice, and I are the only two working here so telephone consultations to help you solve a problem  are not possible. I simply don’t have enough time.  Think of it this way:  If every time you stopped working while at work you stopped getting paid for that time… you get the idea.

I perform luthier work ranging from routine maintenance and repair like changing strings and detailed quality setups to Martin and Gibson Guitar Neck Resets, repairing broken necks, repairing holes in guitar sides, and  replacing tops on guitars, building conversion and replacement necks for banjos (like the neck shown on this page), guitars and mandolins. I am always busy with a backlog in the shop but I am truly grateful for that.  So, from inlay work to repairing a broken guitar bridge, we here at Acoustic Box LLC have you covered!

Reproduction Banjo Necks for Converting Tenor and Plectrum banjos into 5-strings

Luthier Richie Dotson Working on a banjo