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2012 Deering Sierra Banjo for sale

$1,900.00 Contact Acoustic Box LLC in Chesterfield, Virginia (Near Richmond) call or text me at: (757) 613-9627

1942 All Original Gibson RB-7 5-String Flathead for sale

For Sale: 100% Original Flathead 5-String Gibson RB-7 Banjo. 100% original. We performed a complete refret, Installed a New head, Corrected some wood rim delimitation issues which were slightly (we used hot hide glue for this) we filled in some really bad pits in fingerboard, we performed some mother of pearl work (augmenting for some missing pieces that had chipped and fell out (better to have a piece of pearl where one wasn’t that doesn’t quite match than to have a piece missing). This banjo is rock solid. The instrument has 10-32 nuts on the back side of the top tension “hooks” which is common. The banjo has mixed plating having a tension hoop plated in chrome and a tension hoop plated in nickel. The armrest in atypical for a top tension as it is a standard pre-war armrest and the headstock inlay ins’t standard. Remember that the onset of World War II forced Gibson to use what they had and many banjos left the factory somewhat outside of catalog specifications. Almost all of these are tenors and this is pretty rare. These originals during that time period had rough pearl work in them but that is just like all of them I have ever seen up close. Serious buyers only please. $80,000.00

Contact Richie Dotson at Acoustic Box LLC in Chesterfield, Virginia (Near Richmond) call or text: (757) 613-9627


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