1961 Velazquez Classical Guitar For Sale

Manuel Velazquez classical guitar.  This is a student model guitar, mahogany body, spruce face, Brazilian rosewood fingerboard and bridge, finished in French polish, with the original machines.  It was made by Mr. Velazquez in 1961 when his shop was in lower Manhattan.  It is not in ideal condition:  the headstock was broken off and repaired, and there are several age-related cracks in the face and back (all have been professionally repaired), plus a few dings.  But despite the defects, it was made by this legendary master of guitarmaking and still possesses the superb tone for which all Velazquez guitars are known.  Recent overall examination and “tuneup” by Richie Dotson of Acoustic Box.

Here is one online description of Manuel Velazquez guitars:

“Weightless, which is a big part of the Velazquez tone.  Manuel Velazquez New York instruments are highly celebrated by players the world over….. The reason is simple – there are very few classical guitars with the tone of the handmade Velazquez instruments.  Velazquez started building guitars as a child, guided by his father’s knowledge of woods. Manuel used only the finest woods, and, by the late 50’s, over 30 years of luthier knowledge went into the creation of this instrument.” 

The guitars of Mr. Velazquez have been played and praised by prominent musicians the world over, from Andres Segovia and other classical guitarists such as Matthew McAllister, Way Lee, Eduardo Costa, Jennifer Kim, Carlo Pezzimenti, Peter Fletcher, Chihiro Kitamine, and Kevin Gallager (who can be seen playing a 1961 Velazquez at to Keith Richards (who can be seen playing one of his guitars in the Rolling Stones’ “Almost Hear You Sigh,” at  

A documentary about Mr. Velazquez can be seen at  He has been described as “the first great American master luthier.” 

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