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Premium, Old Wood Banjo Bridges: 

Dotson Premium Old Wood Banjo Bridges

Every now and then you get a rare opportunity to make a splash in the banjo market place.  The wood out of which these banjo bridges are made come from various locations and carefully salvaged, graded and hand selected for its acoustic properties and responsiveness making these banjo bridges some of the best ever produced.        I get to work on some of the rarest and most expensive banjos on the planet and I know good tone when I hear it.  Some of the same reasons that those old instruments sound so amazing is why these bridges also pump out amazing and even power and clarity from the lowest growling open 4th string to that screaming punch at the 22nd fret. Only hide glue is used to attach seasoned ebony tops and if the wood didn’t sound good to me when I was handling it, it got turned into jigs or tossed into the scrap box. I never use curly or birds-eys and other figured wood for my bridges.  Only straight-grained maple.  That allows vibrations to transmit more freely.  Curl and other anomalies in wood reroute the vibrations and scatter or bounce sound waves and that can pinch the tone of your banjo, in my opinion. Click on the pictures for a larger view

For those reasons I have only made the best of this select, 50 year old plus, air-dried maple into banjo bridges.  This is also why they aren’t the cheapest bridge on the market today.  I think you’ll agree that they are the most responsive, balanced bridge you have ever owned.

MASTERTONE pearl name blocks:

Wreath        Standard

This is a beautiful example of the inlay work we USED to be able to get.  This piece is clean,  60 thousandths thick white mother of pearl measuring available in standard and Wreath size.  Top quality, old hand operated, machine engraved MASTERTONE pearl name block that is a reproduction of the 1930’s pre-war name blocks from that bygone era!

This IS NOT a laser-cut automated or burn in process, but the engraving that is done on a pantograph machine and guided by hand, then the lettering is filled just like they were done in the 1930’s – so these look authentic without being perfect!

Pre-War Gibson banjo neck builders, repair people, luthiers and pearl inlay artists … DON’T LET THESE GET AWAY!

Bone Pips, Pre War “Derby” style AKA 5th string nut:


Pre War Gibson Style Bone “Derby” pips, also known as a 5th string nut.

These are priced and sold each – 1 (one) unit. I have plenty, however.

This is the detail that is most often overlooked by builders when reproducing a pre WWII style Gibson 5-string Mastertone banjo neck. These are machine turned one at a time and although measured when produced to insure consistency, there are slight variations from one pip to the next, just as they were in the 1920s, 1930s and the 1940s at the Kalamazoo plant in Michigan.

The Outside Diameter of the base of the shaft measures 0.125” within about 0.005”or so and the length of the shaft (only the part under the dome base … the part that gets installed into the fingerboard) measures 0.120” in length within about 0.005” or so.

The outside diameter of the flair above the base measures 0.175” and the “Brim” or seat ring are 0.040” tall give or take a few thousandths of an inch one way or the other.

The crown of the pip measures 0.075” tall, again – give or take a few thousandths of an inch.

The total length of these pips is running about 0.220”

These pips are UNSLOTTED and ready for installation in your project.

The photos you see are from a real batch of pips produced right here in my shop. They may have slight machine marks or tiny file marks on them.

After working with and on original Pre-War Gibson banjos for years I can honestly say that these pips are as an exact generalized reproduction of the originals as are available. A little amber stain and you are set!

These pips will NOT replace a modern, 1/8” pip on a newer Gibson or most Gibson Style Banjos as those are usually set too close to the 5th fret and some modification would be necessary. These are better suited to replace old, worn out or broken original pips or for use in newly constructed Pre-War Gibson MASTERTONE or sub MASTERTONE Reproduction Banjo Necks for that Authentic, pre-war look!

These are made from seasoned, bleached and machined bone, and proudly make here in my shop in Richmond, Virginia USA. Made in the USA, Made By Hand, and Made By Me!

DSC_0816Gibson Pre War Style Bell Shaped Truss Rod Covers

1-15/16″ Screw Hole Spacing just like the original truss rod covers from the pre World War II Days. The holes are of the proper 1/8″ diameter, so there is no reaming or alterations necessary.  These truss rod covers are .030″ thick and do NOT have rounded or tapered edges like the molded ones that were available in the 1990s … these look and feel just like the real deal with squared sides!

Missing your old truss rod cover and looking for one that will match?  Building a reproduction banjo neck or mandolin and don’t want to settle for pretty close? This is it!

I only have a few of these from an old stockpile here in my shop and I am only selling off part of them, so get them while you can because once they are gone… they are gone!
Don’t let these get away!

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*** International Orders Please Contact Me Directly***

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