Pearl Inlay


Mother of Pearl and Abalone are some of the most beautiful material to use when inlaying a musical instrument.  Although patience is needed in abundance when working with inlay, you may find it very therapeutic.  If you are meticulous with your cutting, routing and placement, the end result is indeed beautiful.

This art form that isn’t limited to the fingerboard or the headstock of an instrument.  Wooden, metal, and even stone and other material can be used for inlay. I started working with inlay almost from day one of becoming a luthier.  I am fortunate to have done some pretty amazing inlay work over the years and I am proud of it.

Enjoy these articles on some of the inlay work I have documented.

Inlaying  a Mandolin Headstock

Replacing Missing Inlay on an old S.S. Stewart Headstock

Violin Tailpiece Pearl Inlay Restoration

Moving an Inlay on a Banjo

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