Thoughts on Building Banjo Necks

Making a Living as a Professional Luthier.  Some thoughts on building banjo necks…

Banjo Neck BlanksI can either take the time to make everything and never finish anything or know what to farm out in order to save me tons of time. Labor is expensive, even mine. If you are building banjos or banjo necks for a hobby, no problem, take all the time in the world and it doesn’t matter because you are building purely for the love of creating something.

I do this for a living and I have to be quick (depending on how many times I have to answer the phone for my increasingly demanding but not so lucrative free consultant services … but that is for another topic) and I have to do things over and over the exact same way each time in order to save time and material and therefore make it profitable. Waiting on neck blanks is time that I can’t afford any longer, so I process all my necks now from start to finish.

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  1. I find this blog refreshing, it’s amazing that you are one of the rare skilled surgeons of wood that can bring something so raw into reality. What a talented individual you are! Please continue sharing your work, thoughts, realities of being a business owner and dreams with us.

    God bless,


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