Gibson Parts Banjo 1930s – Early 2000s For Sale


This banjo has the heart and soul of a 1930s Gibson TB-00 resonator and an early 1960s Gibson TB-100 wood rim coupled with an unknown (but great) tone ring and surrounded by various, older metal parts to make up one of the best sounding and playing Frankenstein Gibson banjos I’ve had my hands on in a long time!

Wreath 3 inlay pattern on genuine, south-american mahogany and a Brazilian rosewood fingerboard with double-cut headstock and a 26-3/8″ pre war Gibson 5-string scale length. Unknown “mystery” but high quality banjo tone rings. This is NOT a 3 pound 8 ounce Stewart McDonald warship anchor, it’s a 3 pound, great sounding ring on an early 1960s Gibson, 3-ply, hide glue banjo wood rim that has balance, power and tone! This may be one of the lowest action, no buzz banjos I’ve played and it’s a real powerful cannon of a banjo! There is a little bit of personality in the neck and in some of the rest of the parts, but this banjo is a sweet old cannon! There are some nicks and scratches and the banjo has obviously been taken care of, but used. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed in this lively old girl… whatever her real age is!

After you take a look at the pictures, be sure to give a listen to and watch the video that follows the pictures.


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