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I know that everyone doesn’t have the time or the resources to attend professional, weekly lessons.  Hey, just because someone is a good picker doesn’t make them a good teacher … sometimes you just don’t have the money or your scheduling conflicts keep you from committing to a regularly scheduled session with your local professional.  I truly understand that and even though nothing can take the place of a great instructor, having some quality guidance in the form of some great free online Banjo Lessons couldn’t hurt!

 I am happy to provide you with these free Bluegrass Banjo Lessons.  I will continue to add tabs, audio recordings and even videos as I have time to shoot them.  Let me know if these are helpful and I hope that they will help you to expand your abilities as well as your musical mind.

Thanks for checking these out:

Here is my difficulty scale:

1 = Beginner – No skills necessary, only a banjo and the will to master it

2 = Easy – Basic skills necessary such as being able to change chords on command and the ability to maintain meter

3 = Easy Moderate – Basic skills plus the ability to play in shapes, not just open chords

4 = Moderate – Requires the ability to play with other people and have a solid grip on Scruggs Style banjo

5 = Advanced Bluegrass – Ranging from advanced Earl to Bela Lite

6 = Advanced Other – From Irish to Classical and other atypical, non-Bluegrass material

Click on the names of the tunes and exercises below to view them

Highway 40 Blues Banjo Solo PDF Tab  Key of E YouTube Link Difficulty Level 5


Little Rock Getaway PDF Tab  Key of C YouTube Link Difficulty Level 5


Cowboys and Indians (written by Bill Emerson)  Part A is in C minor and Part B is in C major.  You’ll need to be ready to move your left and right hand fingers in mysterious ways for this one but it isn’t all that difficult, so go for it!  PDF Tab  YouTube Link  Difficulty Level 4

Classic Scruggs Lick (Tab is included in the video) Key of D YouTube Link Difficulty Level 3


Pick Away Tab Transcription of Jim Mill’s Solo at the request of Jim Mills PDF Tab Key of G Cut #3, Hide Head Blues Album.  Click here to buy Difficulty Level 4


Theme Time Tab Transcription of Jim Mill’s Solo at the request of Jim Mills PDF Tab Key of A (capo at 2nd fret) Cut #7, Hide Head Blues Album.  Click here to buy Difficulty Level 4


Easy Banjo Ending Lick Key of G YouTube Link Difficulty Level 1


Modern, Tricky G to C transitional lick PDF Tab YouTube Link Difficulty Level 5


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