1934 Gibson TB-3 Banjo For Sale ***SOLD***

This is a beautiful 1934 Gibson TB-3 that we converted here at Acoustic Box. It comes with the original case, original neck and original calf skin head. The banjo has a newer Crossrock fiberglass 5-string banjo case. The conversion neck is a faithful copy of the original tenor neck and is made to pre-war period correct shape. This banjo is equipped with a newer “Clamshell” 5-string banjo tailpiece. The original tailpiece was missing when the banjo was found. Other than that, all of the metal parts are original to the banjo, even the pre war gibson arch top tone ring. Steve Huber is my recommended person for purchasing an arch top to flat head tone ring for this banjo should you chose to keep the wood rim uncut, allowing for this banjo to remain 100% unaltered.

The resonator has a repair to the outer wall at the 3 O’clock position and you can clearly see that in 2 of the photographs.

This banjo has a new Remo banjo head and a Dotson 5/8″ old wood bridge and it plays beautifully. I prefer not to ship this banjo, but will consider it.

The serial number (factory order number) is: 347-3 and this is a rare batch of banjos that had the Bela Voce headstock inlay pattern inlay in the headstock and the standard 1930s style 3 “leaves and bows” pattern in the fingerboard.

Please call the shop at: (804) 790-1705 or email: Richie@AcousticBox.com for more information or to arrange to see this banjo in person.

The price for all that you see is $9,300.00


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1934 TB-3 Pre War Gibson Conversion Banjo for sale

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